Another huge area of unrest and corruption–(anti) family court–suggestions for reform

I have heard from soooo many new clients that their cases involve corruption, but it’s in family court and due mostly to the vendors and court appointed attorneys.

One lawyer, Mario Jiminez is working to alleviate these problems, so here is my wish list for family court:

To: Mario Jimenez <>
Subject: Re: Taking the unrest out of (anti) family court.  My wish list.
Date: Feb 3, 2016 12:38 PM
Dear Mario;
I really think what we need is for all the jurisdictions to
1) use a 50/50 coparenting agreement enacted by the legislature;
2) to use a 50/50 division of assets agreement enacted by the legislature; and
3) 50/50 parenting shall be implemented unless one parent is a felon or psychopath (either party can demand testing–brain scan only, please) or there is sexual abuse allegations ;
4) one parent pays child support and the other…

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