From Ken Ditkowsky-more revelations about Elder Cleansings

Subject: Need for legal representation
Date: Jan 21, 2016 1:27 PM
I understand that the United State of America in reviewing the obvious frauds in the nursing home business of Morris Esformes both here in Illinois and in Florida has obtained the voluntary disclosure by Nursing home owner Sheldon Netich (sp)   The gossip is that Netich has become an opera star and has been number 1 in popularity over at the FBI.   Netich (SN) knows where the bodies are buried, including those bodies buried by ER, ND, ****.    
The net net bit about this situation is that a large part of the booty from elder cleansing will be recoverable = including the money that was redistributed by wrongful guardianships and extra judicial seizures.   In my opinion this elder cleansing scandal is the biggest fraud case in history (in terms of…

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