Keeping Healthy every day

One large complaint from men is that they commit far too many suicides leaving children fatherless.  Some blame it on women, some blame it on stress, some blame it on lack of dual chromosomes, etc.

But one of our biggest problems today is that nothing is organic. We used to put compost and manure hand spread on crops, and then granny and the elders went out to the woods to pick choice mushrooms, fungi and all sorts of herbs and spices to keep the family healthy.  Mushrooms are still so important in Europe that all pharmacists inspect them for free and are trained in what is poisonous and what is not.  Most hospitals hand out mushroom supplements soon as you are admitted.  Mushrooms draw out dozens of micro nutrients from the soil and are very healthy.

Farmers now spray 6 chemicals or less on our crops to make them look good and grow fresh.  Plus years ago, everyone went outside for hours at a time toiling in the fields or at an outdoor job and then we only took a bath once per week.  Vitamin D3 is made on our skin and it can be washed off and it takes 24 to 48 hours to absorb properly.

Actually ER docs know that if a person comes to the ER looking for recreational drugs or says they are depressed, they can give them a shot of B and C vitamins that will immediately alleviate the problem, but why they don’t do this is beyond me.  Their response to me has been, but then they will crash and they won’t get the list of supplements I give them.  Craaazzy excuse.  And I thought lawyers were nuts.

Recommended supplements:

  1. Vitamin B.  2 to 4 gr per day, more if you have dementia or heart disease.  Krill oil or astaxanthin seems to give people a lot of energy so you stay up a lot without feeling tired.  Either will do, but take either fish oil or krill oil (astaxanthin) every day.
  2. Vitamin C.  Use the lypsomal or lypospheric type.  Mercola has a great reasonably priced brand at 50 cents or less per tab.  Vitamin C kills harmful bacteria, microbes and viruses while leaving healthy ones alone.  It kills cancer cells leaving healthy cells alone.  You cannot take the stuff from Walgreens, CVS or K mart, it won’t work. Conventional Vit C is destroyed in minutes in our highly acidic guts.  You can get your vitamin C levels up to cancer killing levels with lypospheric or lyposomal.  Read:  The real story about vitamin C, available on Kindle.  Linus Pauling did this research in the 60’s and won a Nobel Peace Prize for it. Now we just have to use this knowledge.
  3. D3 is essential to every cell in your body.  It is made by the sun on your skin, so if you live in a northern climate, you are likely deficient.  Recommended levels are 80 to 100 ngr/L–get tested.  Mercola has a home kit for $60.  If you are deficient, you may need up to 10,000 IU’s per day to bring your blood up to that level.  get tested quarterly until you are in the optimal range.
  4. probiotics are essential to health.  they increase libido, eliminate infections, esp. urinary tract infections and ensure you do not get diarrhea or constipation.  the gut tissue is the same as brain tissue and they are connected.  probiotics are essential to good health. Take 100 to 120 billion units per day if you have constipation, diarrhea or IBS until condition clears.  20 to 40 billion units per day is maintenance.  Mercola or Florajen works for me.
  5. MSM sulfur.  Sulfur is essential to every cell in the human body. Take 2 to 4 gr a day if you have dementia, heart disease or cancer.  2 gr per day is maintenance dose.

For pennies per day we can get rid of depression and greatly decrease suicide.  Men are the worst because their bodies are larger with more muscle mass.

It’s very sad, but if you know a dad, maybe he will start these good quality supplements for the sake of his wife and kids who love him.  Women are pretty good at taking what is good for them.



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