From Gloria Sykes and Ken Ditkowsky–remembering Mary Sykes

(edited only for typos and grammar)

From Gloria Sykes

Dear Friends and Foes,

This is a reminder that I’m not falling to the wayside — nor can those who hope I get discouraged– am I discouraged, rather feeling more empowered than ever. So much so, I’m making the date of my mother’s memorial and celebration public — well, the date anyway.  For those who did not receive an invitation via FACEbook or other social media, and are FRIENDS supporting this cause, and want to attend, please email me at for the information.

FIRST I want to remind all of you that on JUNE 9, 2016, we will be memoralizing my mother, Mary G. Sykes, and in doing so, celebrate life and our abulity to pursue the evils that caused her premature death, the premature and wrongful deaths of other elderly and disabled caught in unnecessary guardianships–and hopefully prevent other…

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