Tell Texas that their plan to murder a conscious person is an outrage

And from the land of Texas abusive guardianships, we have this story:

A former police officer and Homeland Security, the man had no health insurance. With a mass in his abdomen and a need for air, food and nutrients via hospital technology, the hospital wants to shut it all down and seeks a guardianship to do it.

This should be a national outrage.  Is this where we have come.  How is it that a hospital has the right to take in and then terminate life through a court system?

Everyone involved in this outrage at the hospital should be immediately tested with a brain scan/pet scan/MRI for psychopathy/narcissism/sociopathy and removed from this case.  No one like that should be involved in a guardianship.  They should be removed, and this includes the lawyers and judges, doctors and nurses.

Who does this to another human being?

Apparently the authorities in Texas…

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