Protesters continue to block streets in Chicago over corrupt case of Laquan McDonald

Today I heard on the news reports for traffic that protestors continue to block Chicago streets, and espcially the shops on North Michigan Avenue, over the heinous shooting of a 17 year old child.

And in the wake of that cover up, we see another 13 videos that need to be released:

and we also see hundreds of protestors at the Board of Trade Building:

and protestors here:

States attorneys say the videos may prejudice the jury, but it does not seem that’s all they are worried about.  Videos are often dereguier during bond hearings, and they come out at that time in a public space.  Why, then, the need to suppress them when it might lead to more eye witnesses at the scene who can explain what they saw when a Chicago citizen, apparently unarmed, is gunned down by Chicago Police.

But what everyone needs to…

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