ABC Reports- In depth look at Guardianship in Cal. finds system “deeply flawed”

ABC California in depth series. Maricopa county, California

Brad Lund is in the middle of a probate court battle.  Brad is the grandson of walt disney.  Several atty. Were hired.  One atty, Joel Sanis refused to answer questions claiming attorney client privilege and found himself locked up.

The sheriff’s deputy handcuffed them and took to a holding cell.  He said this had never happened to him before.

brad has spent about $1 million in attorneys fees.

Attorney Laura Kanapanek has stated the following: “[probate] Court is a rubber stamp.  No one is held accountable. There is rampant financial exploitation and abuse of vulnerable adults. .  Accounts are drained and then the state has to take care of the individuals. Probate court not doing its job.”

ABC reports changes in law are coming to probate court with new legislation in the works.

+Courts will be required to follow the family’s wishes…

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