Illinois Court of Appeals Judge stands up for Due Process and the First Amendment

Another great decision from the Illinois Court of Appeals – In re Weddigen 4-15-44

Respondent, James Weddigen, was found in indirect civil contempt of court for
comments he posted on the online social networking site, Facebook. The trial court’s purge order required respondent to post further comments on Facebook apologizing, recanting, and correcting his previous comments. Respondent appeals the order of contempt, the purge order, and the order requiring respondent to pay petitioner’s attorney fees associated with the contempt proceedings.

And I find para 9 to be esp. repugnant to the First Amendment:

Nonetheless, the court finds that his statements on Facebook stating that he had recorded incourt family proceedings and encouraging others to record family court proceedings constitute contempt of court as the statements tend to encourage disruption in this court and other courts. [Respondent] has shown himself to be a sophisticated person with regard to family court…

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