How the nursing homes are becoming far more dangerous than ever imagined–now they call in SWAT teams!

from the following article:

After first describing how a SWAT team descended upon an animal shelter for housing for one night a fawn abandoned by its mother, came the note:

Eleven days later and less than 100 miles away, staff at a nursing home in the Chicago suburb of Park Forest called paramedics after 95-year-old World War II veteran John Wrana, suffering from a delusional episode, refused medical treatment. The paramedics in turn called the police, which further agitated Wrana, who threatened them with his cane and a knife. The police responded by shooting Wrana with stun guns and bean bags fired from a shotgun. Wrana died from internal bleeding shortly thereafter.

Jerome Larkin head Aministrator of the ARDC has joined forces with attorneys and judges to make sure that YOUR parents and grandparents are routinely housed in nursing homes against their will and without their or YOUR consent. …

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