Breaking News–Democrats finally drop support for Dorothy Brown

In light of numerous investigations, scandals and now a grand jury, the Dems have finally dropped Dorothy Brown

My only beef with her is she stood by and did NOTHING for computerization of the courts.  I was told by a Pacer sales rep years ago she COULD have signed up with Pacer, they would have set up a system for the Cook County Courts in a few months and the public would only have to pay 8 cents per page.  This was the year 2000.

Maybe now she is  a lame duck, she will computerize the system and make it cheap and free for all–despite the unconsitutional Illinois law that says the public has to pay for copies $1 for the first page, $.50 for the next 20……

Ridiculous rip off.

These documents belong to the public.  They do not belong to anyone else, including the county and the…

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