Why curbing the use of psychotropic drugs and antibiotics is important to the health of everyone


From Ken Ditkowsky:

Indeed – it is a good day for reflection – but with Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators out there unpunished and still assaulting the First Amendment Rights of citizens (including lawyers) I have to continue my campaign to get him some housing in a Federal correctional facility so others may enjoy America.
I did notice in the Wall Street Journal that the government is starting to notice that pharmaceuticals are being used indiscriminately.   A couple of cc’s of a chemical can eliminate – at either insurance company or government expense – many hours of nursing.   A few drops of a chemical and a vibrant (or obnoxious) patient is docile and co-cooperative.     PT can be simplified to moving the patient to a wheel chair and in front of TV screen.   The poor zombie does not know if he/she is watching the Bears or…

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