Lisa Nadig radio shows–Corruption in Family Court of Cook County

A summary of Lisa’s case:

Lisa was married to Reza for over one decade and the marriage produced one child, A.M. who is now over 16 years old.  Lisa is a professional singer who has sung with many Opera companies and the CSO.  She has a Master’s in Music from DePaul University.

Sometime after she married R.M. and was pregnant with her only son, R.M. became extremely abusive and violent and embarked on a string of affairs, spending little time with his child.  Lisa filed for divorce and in the initial petition, her ex wanted nothing to do with A.M., however he had been poisoning the child for years with a string of abusive comments regarding the mother, including the age old “your mother is crazy”.

Sometime into the divorce, Reza started up with the “mom is crazy”, the family goes into therapy and Parental Alienation raises it’s ugly head…

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