From Gloria Sykes–more information on the Atty Harvey Waller tie ins in probate

Sent: Jul 13, 2015 7:02 PM
To: “”

RE:  Attorney Harvey Waller

Remember Harvey Jack Waller, who Toerpe hired in January, 2009, when mother learned that Toerpe stole $4000?  Well,  what I didn’t know until moments ago (a woman called me with the information) is Harvey was / is very politically connected — in fact, it is why perhaps he squeezed out of the lawsuite where the State of Indiana sued  him for soliciting elders for remodeling jobs and then causing them to get reverse mortgages, which he got a kick back, to pay him.  (See, file:///Users/shaggy7/Downloads/Harvey%20Waller%201.webarchive)
Well, here’s Waller’s new website complete with bragging rights…  See highlighted stuff… and ya wonder how or why he was able to freeze my assets, cross state lines and steal my medical account, et al.  Let me make it clear, Harvey J. Waller NEVER withdrew from the Sykes…

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