An Apology to my Readers–now that Mary G Sykes is dead due to Goondom

Dear Readers;

I really do owe all of you an apology.  I thought by only writing to the authorities that were interested in these cases would be the best way to proceed.  I thought Ken’s 500 emails to the Police Chief in Naperville wouldn’t help because the guy was obviously hitting the delete and/or archive key when there was theft, conversion and possible murder afoot.

Now Mary is gone, narcoticed to death in hospice, following in the footsteps of Helen Rector, Lydia Tyler, Alice Gore, Dorothy Baker, Rose Drabik, Carol Wyman was attempted murder and she escaped in the nick of time.  Currently at risk and are probably the most endangered of all endangered species are Al Frake, Janie Thomas and ALV (she escaped and fears for her life any day she can be scooped up, held down, shot up and killed narcotics with starvation and dehydration in any nursing…

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