Teen Jailed over fight with family friend for 5 years in Detroit Michigan


Just when you thought the judicial system couldn’t do a worse job in taking care of our youth, another shocking story comes out:


Placed in adult jail, her 6 month sentence went up quickly to 5 years because in one instance she gave a guard a threatening look and in another she shouted at another prisoner she would “beat her a**” for slapping her.

Obviously the “prison for profit” system isn’t much better than slavery from the 19th century and earlier.

In another case in Detroit, we have another person (son) being jailed over a probate dispute where a competent woman is trying to escape a wrongful guardianship.  The state of Michigan wants mom, but she left to go live with her brother. So what happens to the son?  He is threatened with indefinite detainment in jail until mom comes back to Michigan (so her home can be looted…

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