Warnings from Roseanne Miller–Radiation in US reaching critical levels



Radiation comes from a variety of industries, but nuclear power and weapons manufacturing is huge, huge.  It is interesting the Pope finally declared it a sin to make weapons and not to do it.  Thank you.  Finally.

The US is one of the larges weapons manufacturers in the world.  The top 10 manufacturers of weapons are located here.  Landmines and other hidden explosives can last for years and ruin a country (see article on bomb sniffing rats in Cambodia).

It’s time to stop the destruction of the world by all sources–probate court, weapons and manufacturers and pollution creating sources of energy.

Normal levels of radiation 30 years ago in US cities were 0 to 20.  Now we are seeing levels in certain cities near 1000.  The article shows a picture of Marie Curie’s hands near the end of her life, with the ends clearly shriveled and fingers missing. That’s…

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