From HHS and Imediate Press Release — Chicago $2.5 million in medicare fraud!

This article was found by Ken Ditkowsky today and noted the huge sums in Medicare Fraud in Chicago.  The FBI is apparently working hard to breaking up these schemes–no matter where they are and where they reach.
Federal Funds are NOT to be taken from the Federal Govt to use for personal debts under the guise of Medicare Medical Services for Seniors. The schemes and scam about and those in concert with the activities, and those who aid, abet and support will be looking at an FBI investigator. This country simply cannot go to universal health care for all without rooting out the overt corruption.
From HHS recently:
June 1, 2015
Health Care Provider Se
ntenced To 75 Months
For $2.5 Million Health Care Fraud
A former owner and operator of SelectcareHealth, Inc., a provider of outpatient
physical and respiratory therapy located in Park Ridge…

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