Widespread corruption in Orange County Cal. causes court to disqualify 250+ prosecutors!


While we have long heard many, many rumblings of wide spread corruption in Orange County California, this judge actually DID something about it–he banned 250+ prosecutors from involvement in his court room.

Turns out the Orange County evidence system contained loads of manufactured, supressed and tainted evidence–all manufactured by the prosecutors and those that assit them.

In addition, informants were placed in jail cells next to represented defendants without consent or knowledge waiting to manufacture or listen for any evidence that would guarantee a conviction–despite the fact there was plenty of evidence to already convict.

This means hundreds of convictions may be overturned once the lawyers and Public Defenders get to the bottom of the massive scheme of corruption.

Does it sound familiar to our nation’s probate system?  To the ARDC that goes after HONEST attorneys that merely speak up and tell the truth to protect Illinois’ most vulnerable citizens–the…

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