Very Scary Article–Netherlands allows family to “euthanize” grandma at 80 because she has Dementia

Or was it the inheritance?  Dutch law has become downright scary with courts being able to order euthanization for dementia and cancer.  Often the person is only suffering from depression or grief–both ailments are easily cured with care and attention.

This woman left no advance directives allowing for her euthanization, and rather than consult her, they said she did not have the capacity to make the decision.

It is not known whether she was present in court or who provided information to the court.

In any case, it seems that no one investigated, no one considered alternatives to make her feel happy and secure rather than wander down the road where a court orders the elder put down–like a cat or dog.

I pray this does not continue and that someone comes to the aide of the elderly to represent their rights and their needs as being blessed in…

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