From Theresa Maxwell on the Guardianship of her mother, Mrs. Strege–isolated and abused in Court

From mainstream media–where the courts and judges won’t let stories be published.  This is a typical story that Jerome Larkin of the ARDC wants to stop honest attorneys from publicly speaking out against–myself, Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu

Conway: The Strege case indicated to me that is a guardian can take a mother in this case and make a decision to move her into a different setting and then deny children access to that parent, there’s something wrong with that picture. We need a place where these families can go to challenge these decisions and question the guardian.

From the daughter–immediately after appointment of a “professional” Guardian (of death and family terrorism), all visitation by children, grandchildren and former friends.

TWELVE GRANDCHILDREN she could not longer see.

She was required to take a class on guardianship and it took weeks to see her mother.  When she saw her…

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