Allegations of Alleged Corruption and Abuse at the Probate Court Level in Cook County, IL

Nancy J. Thorner

The end of life has many challenges for the elderly.  It can be a fast or a long goodbye and might involve a transition to assisted living, a nursing home, or a live-in caretaker.

There will always be opportunists who like vultures circle to claim flesh whether the person is dead or alive.  Large sums of money are not always pre-requisites to the exploitation of the most vulnerable in our society, the elderly and disabled children.   Abuse also bi-passes color, race or creed.

It is up to each one of us to expose elder abuse when it happens around us to a loved one or to a friend or acquaintance.  Because Elder Abuse has in many ways become a national industry, the following website has been set up nationally To GUARD incompetent people from harming themselves, To CONSERVE  their assets and property; and To PREVENT them from becoming a “public charge: 
An International Network for the Prevention of…

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