Declared incompetent at age 91, former Opera Singer sings her way out!

How wonderful is that? Age 91 and amassing rent due because her building is a slum and she was withholding rent, the Landlord allegedly put in a call to Adult “(anti) Protective Services” and was swiftly guardianized against her will and put in a Nursing Home.

Able to escape one day and get to court (try THAT in Illinois, strangely no one ever want to come and there are never any voice recordings of those agreements), she woos the judge back to the judge’s own sanity by signing Sumertime and another selection.

She then goes free and is able to go live at home.

Another success story this month.

See the article at:


PS–don’t get too excited about singing on the Daley center soon, or taking voice lessons, this lady’s attorney, Mr. Arthur Schwartz also had to file dozens of motions and  a few habeus corpus too to…

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