From Ken Ditkowsky– the sheer hypocrasy of the ARDC and covering up what needs to be covered up

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Apr 9, 2015 7:08 PM
To: “JoAnne M. Denison” , SUNTIMES , Chicago Tribune , Atty Diane Saltoun IAG Illinois Atty General , Edward Carter
Cc: Probate Sharks , Nasga Us , Tim NASGA , Matt Senator Kirk , “FBI- ( (” , Chicago FBI , Eric Holder , “ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT)”
Subject: Why is the loot obtained from elder cleansing not taxed.

I sent out the following note.
Date:   April 9, 2014
Subject:   An Open letter to law enforcement.
The proceedings tomorrow at the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission are hypocritical to an extreme.     Few times in history have public officials embarrassed themselves and their State and Country in the manner that Jerome Larkin and the attorneys at the IARDC have done and are doing.     Larkin is well aware of the words and phrases of the Bill of Rights and Article 1 of the…

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