Man mugs the elderly in Berkley so Police work diligently to apprehend him. But who works diligently to apprehend the muggers in court?–By-Richard-Brenneman

from this news article, rest assured if a black young man mugs the elderly for a few buck outside the grocery store, it will be investigated and he will be booked.

but the white collar criminals in your local probate court will  never suffer the same fate, for they have protection, cronies and they pay the right people

for they are protected. while this young man clobbered the elderly over the heads, your local nursing home drugs them, guardianizes them, drains the estate of 1,000 times the amount that this mugger did, and they’re nearly impossible to catch, investigate, indict and try.  It nearly never happens.

So what is the difference between the young man who clobbers the elderly over the head, and those that target, guardianize, isolate and medicate, drain the estate, eliminate and then cremate?  Nothing more than a white collar and a court room, if you…

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