From Iowa–another family member denied visitation on a whim and without a court order

As we all know, guardians deny visitation up and down, left and right, esp. when they want to put the disabled in a horrible nursing home, or isolate them, or abuse them by failing to diagnose certain conditions (Johnnie Durham, Alan Frake, etc.) and seek medical help.

Mary Sykes is still being isolated from 20+ former friends and family, for no good reason. Gloria has not seen her own mother she loving cared for and was a best friend with, for years now. All she gets is bizarre court orders, the run around and no where near her beloved mother.

What is really amazing to me, is that everyone knows this, but they let CT continue to be the guardian.  If Gloria complains, they had the report of abuse right back to the abuser (guardian/and guardian’s attorney). The same is being done in the Al Frake case.

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