From Atty Barbara Stone–her information and Notice of Appeal

Subject: Notice of Appeal
Date: Feb 5, 2015 10:55 PM
Notice of Appeal attached.
Thanks to the press and radio shows who have hosted me to expose the vicious and massive financial fraud and brutal abuse of my elderly defenseless mother.  I and other victims of this unspeakable horror and available to meet as a group or individually and your inquiries are welcome.  My mother is under the control of adult predators who are caging, isolating, mercilessly drugging my mother with psychotropic drugs that have black box warnings, who have forcibly removed her from her home and forcibly restraining her in a lock down nursing home warehouse so they can operate their scam in secrecy.
These body snatchers and adult predators must be exposed. They are savages, terrorists and thugs using a guise of “guardianship”  and a scam racketeer court  to perpetuate a string of crimes.
A copy of…

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