For those of you Pro-Se’ers out there, a great decision from Florida helping a pro se woman denied guardianship

This poor woman was denied guardianship, it was scheduled on a day she could not attend court, then she started filing a flury of pleadings to present her side of the case.

The probate judge responded by barring her from coming to court and filing pleadings!

As most of you know from this blog, it is my position that pro se people are citizens that actually own and pay for the court system, so such rulings are an unconstitutional insult and an Abuse of Power.

Fortunately, the court of appeals turned one of her “writes” into a Notice of Appeal and then reversed that judge.  They acknowldeged there are far too few lawyers for low and middle class citizens to present their cases, esp. in probate.  While they think solving the problem is a $100 per year increase in bar dues to fund legal aide, it is the experience…

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