From Barbara Stone — to the Florida Judges Labarga and Soto $1.4 mil drained by thieves

From: barbara stone
Sent: Jan 8, 2015 8:34 AM

JoAnne M Denison

Subject: Anatomy of a judicial racketeering scam – Michael Genden corrupt criminal racketeering ring.

TO:  Chief Justice Labarga and Judge Soto:


The anatomy of Michael Genden’s racketeering court is so very simple – the purest form of criminal racketeering: 


Payment to a criminal enterprise for crimes and fraudulent acts they themselves orchestrate.


Michael Genden’s criminal racketeering “court” consists of 3 matters:


  1. Fraudulent Petitions, mock hearings on Pre-signed and illegal Orders for various types of isolation and caging of my mother: fraudulent illegal stay away orders, isolation orders, orders of no contact, restraining orders, injunctive orders, no visitor orders, orders denying my mother of freedom of religion, retaliation orders and other  restriction and secretive orders.
  2. Fraudulent and illegal petitions and orders for legal fees, guardians fees, court fees and accomplice fees  for the orchestration, preparation and implementation…

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