On Judge Michael Genden in Florida from Barbara Stone


Dear Chief Justice Labarga and Judge Soto:

Although Chief Justice Labarga issued an order for the Chief Justice to discipline their judges, that does not appear to be working as the probate court in South Florida, in fact all over the State are a vehicle to loot and plunder the assets of elderly disabled persons.

This is particularly true in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach.  In Michael Genden’s court, which no longer even has a veneer of legitimacy he has been a very busy accomplice to the looting and draining of my mother’s assets.  He of course has no jurisdiction to do that and the Federal Courts cannot abet his crime regardless of the unlawful and unconstitutional orders they issue.

Attached are all the petitions by predator attorneys who have emerged from the woodwork and guardians for fake bills in an illegal guardianship that any reasonable person could see has nothing to do with the best interest of my mother.

No court can authorize a…

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