From Atty Barbara Stone–the problem as she sees it

Thanks (othre probate victims) for “getting”it.

This is a special victims crime.
There are other terms for it:
Check it out in wikipedia: Senicide or geronticide is the abandonment to death, suicide or killing of the elderly.

The only thing worse than what these perpetrators of crimes against humanity have done is the victims or family members who stay silent or abet or align themselves with and pander to these criminals for their own agenda.

These criminals will ignore us as long as we stay silent and allow them to. Labarga got 3 letters from us that I am aware of. All different in tone giving him a completely mixed message. From how I see it, he is abetting human trafficking and should be reported.

We have lost our loved ones, our jobs, our home, our livelihood. Our families have been destroyed. They have body snatched our loved ones, stolen…

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