From Barbara Stone–an open letter to the Florida Bar Assn President

She wants to know why her mother was 1) forcibly removed from her home; 2) given a drug that causes great harm to the elderly (Miralax) shutting down the kidneys and causing death; 3) drugged; 4) a feeding tube was implanted in her mother because “she ate too slow” at the nursing home; 5) she is confined to a wheelchair when she can walk and continually told to sit down with an alarm between her and the chair; 6) she is diapered when she can get up and go to the toilet–all for the convenience of the nursing home.

Mrs. Stone has an estate in excess of $1 million. She can well afford to live out her days in her home.  Barbara is fighting for this and both of us have been rebuked for merely asking to take Mrs. Helen Stone home to Barbara where she will have 24 hour…

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