Can a trained service dog bark under the ADA? Judge Aicha MacCarthy answers the question today, and a whole lot more

Dear Readers;

As you know, there is fairly not much more entertaining than the Sykes case, ARDC decision or not withstanding that this blog is now the MOST DANGEROUS BLOG IN ILLINOIS–and it’s for reporting on the Sykes case.

So, let’s state the facts ma’am and only the facts of what happened to day in court.

1) Gloria files an ADA pleading, and no, I don’t have it yet, but I will get it, I promise.  The essence of the complaint is a) Mary Sykes has rights under the ADA and she is being discriminated against in that b) she is isolated from 20+ former friends and neighbors, including her beloved younger daughter Gloria; c) she can’t live where she wants, which is with Gloria; and d) Gloria’s POA was summarily suspended without notice or hearing, etc.  That’s the gist I got from Gloria today who braved 1804 again, this…

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