An open letter to the ABA on removing supportive commentary on the article regarding the ARDC’s (flawed) decision

Dear ABA Journal Editors:

As someone who runs my own legal blog, I am extremely disappointed by your recent actions, which I believe represent unethical journalism in that you removed about 1/3 of the comments in support that my 3 year suspension by the Illinois ARDC was extremely suspect and wrongful.

Ninety five percent of the entire Sykes family and friends have come to my aide, and continues to come to my aide in supporting my assertions that I have told the truth on my blog, I continue to tell the truth on my blog, and it is the Ill. ARDC that continues to discipline those that report miscreant behavior and strings of felonies against the innocent elderly and their families via the guise of “probate court” and “guardianships” that turn out to be very far from protecting a elderly person–instead they victimize and abuse the elder.  The Ill. ARDC…

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