Happy Thanksgiving everyone and some cases to ponder


First, from the ACLU group of Linked In, we have this “can a Facebook public post be a criminal threat” –


which is to be reviewed shortly by the US supreme court.

The quote clearly does not fall under “First Amendment” rights, or does it?

What did the guy say to his soon to be ex?

“Fold up your PFA [protection-from-abuse order] and put it in your pocket

Is it thick enough to stop a bullet?”

What was his excuse?  RAP music.  He likes RAP music and was emulating his heroes.

And more from the washshington post on highway robberies by police officers.  The upshot?  Use a debit card.  Do NOT carry or accept cash for payments.  Do NOT keep anything of value in your car.  All sorts of cell phones, laptops, cash and other valuables have been taken by police by simply writing down on reports “drug trafficking…

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