THREE YEARS! Yeah! I am proud to annouce that the ARDC says I am suspended for 3 years!

My question, why not 3,000 years.  I mean if your going to lie and deceive, go big.

So here it is, the ARDC calls me today and I am busy with corrupt cases, most notably the attempts to cause the demise of one Mr. Allen Frake at Sunrise in Park Ridge and you all can find a copy of the Report to the Court that I sent to Judge Quinn, Ted Rhodes and Kerry Peck and Jesse Footlik about how he is clearly doped up, he cannot lift up his head, his voice is now barely inaudible, and the ARDC leaves me a voice mail message that I should call about the results from my trial.  I don’t really care and I’m not going to return that message.  I know what it will be and the reality is, I don’t want it until I can publish it and tear it…

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