From Lanre Amu–his brief to the Sup. Ct. of Illinois

From Lanre Amu–his brief to the Sup. Ct. of Illinois

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Amu has filed his brief with SCOI and is kind enough to share it with us:

I think he did an excellent job this time of pointing out how difficult it is to convict anyone of political speech.  In his brief he makes it clear that discussion and discourse is essential to a vital and free society.

Kudos to him and let’s hope the briefs are well taken by SCOI.

These two lawyers (Mr. Amu and Ditkowsky) did not steal anything, they betrayed no client confidences, they did absolutely nothing wrong.

Rather, the IARDC has now entered into a campaign to defame and libel these two very good and honorable men by taking the approach (which is not legally permissible via dozens of SCOTUS cases), that “judges are perfect, judges can do no wrong, judges never have bad ideas”.

We know that is not true from Greylord and reading the Greylord books, the feds knew that plenty of hanky panky was going on in the upper case divisions too where the money is quite serious–law division, probate and chancery, but they knew they could not simply make up cases, it would be near impossible for any atty to bust out that system and wear a wire.

But now the hanky panky and shennagins have become soooo serious, and the internet connects us all together in a way never before seen, such that hiding this hanky panky and covering it up, Mr. IARDC is near impossible.

I hear complaints each and every day about new cases, so does the staff at NASGA and believe me, we talk all the time, comparing stories and putting together the pieces.

Then we turn it over to the authorities.

And I don’t care about criminal this or that, I am not a criminal lawyer and have absolutely no interest in that.  I think civil lawsuits are just as effective, if not more effective.

I have now trashed my entire law practice to dedicate my life to putting together the pieces and stopping the nonsense in court.  Our nation’s court systems should not be a playground for the powers that be and money grabbing simply because the other side is infirm and cannot speak for themselves.

Next week the IARDC will be after me for lying on this blog. I have no less than 6 character witnesses and 6 expert witnesses that say this is not true and more blogs like mine are needed and not fewer.  So what does the IARDC do?  they strike my expert witnesses saying they are “not experts” when in fact, the 9th circuit has just said that bloggers get the same First Amendment protections as do professional journalists.

Am I not a woman, said Soujourner Truth.


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