Announcing the Justice for Everyone Blog!

Dear Readers;

Joanne Denison, President and Executive Director is proud to announce that she will start blogging about her NFP and all of her experiences in assisting others to bring justice, truth and integrity to our state and federal courts here in Chicago, Illinois and across the nation.

One of our first objectives is to hold a board meeting and provide a firm foundation to the Justice for Everyone NFP.  We next expect to hold fundraisers to help pay for all of the expenses of running a charity that assists others inside and outside the court room.

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Joanne Denison, will be elected Board Member and General Counsel at our next board meeting so that we have a staff of volunteer attorneys on board that can help others with their legal questions in the areas of probate, domestic relations and any other areas where justice has been pushed out in favor of a buddy system–or worse.

At Justice for Everyone we are a dedicated team of professionals that will work with you in solving your problems and issues in and out of the courtroom.  While we cannot guarantee any particular level of success with your case, we can help you present it in the most favorable of lights.  We can advise you of tip, tricks and numerous pitfalls.

Please bring your complaints, problems and issues to our attention. We may be able to help with real lawyers to answer your questions, court watching services and mediation services.

Our organization is most concerned that your case will involve due process, your constitutional rights–5th and 14th (due process and equal protection), that a valid summons and complaint was in fact served, that you received all requisite jurisdictional notices, that you indeed will enjoy a fair and impartial hearing.

Far too many people are ill informed when they can assert these rights, or when they were due but somehow glossed over.

Please provide us with your legal questions, comments and concerns.

From JoAnne Denison, General Counsel and Board Member

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