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Justice for Everyone, NFP is an Illinois Not for Profit which was established by our Executive Director and President, Ms. Joanne Denison, who is familiar with many cases in the probate division, criminal courts and domestic areas where jurisdiction is lacking, procedure is not followed, due process, 5th and 14th amendment violations occur, and this results in devastating effects on families.

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Contact Us! – Ken Ditkowsky–suspended for 4 years for contacting authorities about abusive guardianship cases and writing letters and emails on behalf of victims and their families:

JoAnne Denison — suspended for 3 years for running this blog that simply tells the truth.  Jerome Larkin, head of the ARDC and James Grogin, in house counsel cannot stand the Truth and do not want Truth and Justice for court corruption victims.  They claims this blog is like “yelling fire in a crowded theatre”.  I run, manage and operate this blog and am solely responsible for its content.

You can call me and email me and facebook me anytime, 24/7.  If I am up, I will answer. I often talk to and hold the hands of probate victims late into the night on days before court.  I understand your pain and grief.


Facebook:  Joanne Marie Denison

Phone: office 312-946-2005 or 312-946-2004  leave a message

Cell phone: 773-255-7608 and you can text me also to see if I am up or available.

Board Member and Vice President  Candice L. Schwager is a Texas Attorney with a great heart for the elder, disabled and abused children.  She extends her expertise with blog posts, articles on guardianship and court corruption.

Board Member and Secretary: Ms. Aleyce Russell is a probate victim dedicated to helping others attain justice in the courts.

Ms. Russell  has 14 years in optical medical sales for two states: North Carolina and South Carolina.  Her expertise is in sales and marketing.  She has worked a optical companies such as Three Rivers Optical Lab, etc.  where she primarily sold lenses.  She has also trained new sales rep on how to get set up, prepare appropriate sales reports for upper management, etc. and other tasks associated with sales and marketing.

She has also worked for a number of southern law firms.  Her first job was with a law firm as a receptionist/secretary for a large law firm in Columbia SC.  After that she had several subsequent jobs at large law firms handling legal documents, secretarial duties and general legal assistance.

Board Member and Treasurer:  Mr. Michael Nofsinger will be working locally on investigations.

At our offices, we understand when you tell us 1) you were barred from having a court reporter; 2) there was no hearing, no due process, but you lost significant property, rights and liberties; 3) your accounts were frozen or depleted without due process; 4) your home was taken from you without due process.

We know these things exist and we are firmly committed to rectifying a broken system.

The courts should be fair, impartial and just. Court reporters should be available for the parties at each stage of the proceedings as a case progresses to trial or hearing or other adjudication.

Our services:

– mentoring  law students and law clerks and legal assistants

– case law research on specific topics

– intervention strategies

We frequently have calls for court watchers on the blogs involved in our court room efforts.

Recommendations may be made from a team of licensed attorneys, from researching the cases our attorneys and paralegals discuss online, and by reading actual pleadings published on this and related sources.

Justice for Everyone, NFP

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Ms. Joanne Denison, Patent Attorney, suspended for 3 years for blogging honestly about corruption in Cook County, Illinois
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32 thoughts on “CONTACT US & Justice for Everyone NFP

    • Of course you can. Writing emails to the authorities, blogging, writing posts and making people aware that we must find a better way to treat our elders and disableds other than forcing them into nursing homes against their will is very, very important. And if there are fees, they should be subsidized and limited to pro bono or low cost work to those under guardianships would be great! We need to protect their rights. We must spread the word that use of 40% of all psychotropic drugs in nursing homes is wrong. Attys and judges in probate must file Ethics Reports. Any conversation with a disabled where they lose rights (right to an attorney, right to a trial, right to be present during a guardianship hearing, etc.) must be recorded.
      What is going on now is absolutely anathema to our US core values and human and civil rights and liberties.
      You can do a great deal. We all can.


      • You talk about fund raising, Ok how about this. every civil rights violation has a 15 million dollar cap, federal standard, I think there are four civil rights violation in just my case. Then I have to ask how any state has the authority to lower that cap to say 300,000? I think a few civil rights wins would well fund you. If states were faced with a myriad of civil rights law suits they may be forced to investigate the courts.

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      • I have worked in Acute care hospitals that have either extended care units or hospice care units. The biggest problem I came up against is the competence of the staff. Most of those kinds of facilities only hire the cheapest warm bodies they can find that meet the basic qualifications needed to fill the job. MY biggest complaint was the incompetence of the staff. I do not think it is too much to ask that people simply do the job correctly that they are being paid for. I sued Samaritan corp. in labor court and won. I finally quit Humana over 46 department deficiencies. By the time I managed to get out of the health care industry I was really burned out. I applied at a children’s hospital. The news paper add said only those that are registered with 20 or more years of experience need apply. I didn’t have 20 years of experience but I had a lot of experience. I was denied an application. then I got to thinking about the specifics of the add. Anyone that was registered and had 20 years of experience had to be a grandfathered in truck driver without any real training in that specific field. The department manager was just trying to keep out anyone that was more qualified than he was. I went back to the personnel office and pointed this out. Two weeks later I received an application in the mail, That hospital was replacing the entire department. Not one of them had more than a CDL and they were supposed to be taking care of high risk infants, a very specialized area of practice.

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      • I have been getting nearly daily emails from Trey Gowdy. I have been trying to unsubscribe from his site for over five years. His unsubscribe link does not work. Every time he sends me an email I respond with complaints about the corrupt courts and the rest of the government and how they are failing us in the courts and congress. Then I make a demand to be unsubscribed. I refuse to donate to him just to get him to do the job he is already being paid for I agree with his efforts but He is not doing anything more than what we pay him to do. If he can not or will not do the job for the salary he gets then he needs to find other work. I’m really tired of the give me give me give me emails and getting nothing for the money we already pay for competent representation. He claims to be a hero for filibustering to kill the patriot act. He and his father were in office when it passed where were the filibusters then? Where is the Supreme court when it comes to stopping the use of unconstitutional warrants? Just like every other corrupt court in this country allowing the corruption to continue. The patriot act was unconstitutional from the get go. Have the courts done anything to stop it, NO. The last email from Trey Gowdy that I replied to I told him I could filibuster better than him because there is so much wrong that I would never run out of things to talk and complain about. I suggested he try reading the constitution. then maybe he and the rest of congress would understand why the NSA, NDAA, DHS TSA and so many other unconstitutional laws and acts are criminal violations of our constitution. I also explained to him some American history when the kings magistrates were made into judges by the ratification of the constitution. And how the constitution limited the courts powers.far below that of the kings magistrates. Marbury v. Madison was one of the US supreme courts first rulings attempting to restore the status of the kings magistrates. And how the court has no authority to rule on anything mandated by the constitution. If they have the power to rule on one constitutional issue they would have the power to rule the entire constitution void. their only power is to rule on what is written All any judge has the power to do is enforce the written words in the law without bias or opinion.. the kings magistrates had the power to rewrite law and interpret as they saw fit American judges are limited to enforcing only what words exist in the law without substitution.. or interpretation, bias or opinion. Changing any word or adding any word to a law is altering that law which is making law and judge have no authority to make law.


  1. I think it’s a great idea, but the Federal Courts are kicking out those suits left and right. They ignore as many statutes as they can 47 USC 230 for the Internet Decency Act, 42 USC 12201 for the Americans with Disabilities, etc.
    You can’t get a civil rights suit to stand up in Federal Court to save a single soul. And the ND Illinois is not the jurisdiction either.
    I also don’t think $300,000 limits damages under a Civil Rights Suit. You say you have 4 civil rights causes of action in your case, but where is your report from a CPA on actual damages?
    SCOTUS has limited pain and suffering damages to $1 million total. You have to have actual damages, which means, but for the violations, what would you have earned between your age and age 65, assuming you were left totally disabled?
    You have to understand the nuances of the issues on damages.


    • Can a CPA place a value on quality of life? I can not go water skiing because my shoulders would dislocate. I can not go swimming for the same reason. I was driving my truck slow on a dirt road and hit a rock in the road about the size of a soft ball it caused the steering wheel to jerk to one side and that popped my shoulder out of place. Shoulder dislocations are very painful and that pain lasts for about a week. The sooner it get back in place the better it is. as long as only one shoulder pops out at a time I know how to get it back in place. but I have had both our at the same time. Then you can not fed yourself for several days. I can not stand up to the kitchen sink to do my dishes it is too hard on my back to lean over the sink. I have a neighbor that comes in to do my dishes and some light house work. she is a good cook and we usually have a nice meal together when she comes to do the dishes. I pay her for the time. I keep a lot of extra food in the house. I keep a lot of extra things in my house. Not much room to get around in. It takes about ten dollars worth of gas just to go to town and back so I do not go to town very often. Before I became disabled I could earn 75 to 100 thousand dollars a year in my licensed profession.

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      • I was a licensed Respiratory Therapist. I was qualified to work in every possible unit. Licensed in two states and had an international credential any where reciprocity was recognized.


    • Correct me if I am wrong but if your civil rights are violated in state court can you not automatically appeal to federal court and if you get it into a federal court can you not appeal to the US supreme court?

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    • The violation of the civil right is the issue, we either have civil rights or we do not. cutting some ones tongue out is a crime but stopping them from being able to speak for themselves is the civil rights violation. How much is the tongue worth and how much is the first amendment worth? I did not loose a days pay when I was falsely arrested but my fourth and fifth amendments rights were violated. Who goes to jail for conspiracy and kidnapping, Illegal search and seizure? Have you ever had to bend over and have your ass checked standing naked in front or others. that didn’t cost me anything either, did it? They violated Arizona state law when they failed to bring a female CPS officer with them and a male deputy watched my 11 year old daughter get dressed. That same sheriff’s department was brought up on charges for videoing a naked girl at a drunken party. The only way they got off was the birth certificate proved she had been 18 for about an hour. They don’t bother me anymore because they know I am a better shot and a Vietnam vet.

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    • Question is it a matter of lost pay or the fact that the civil right is violated? the civil right is worth 15 million dollars by its self the wages are a separate issue.


  2. Well the oldest civil rights issue I have is being drafted, don’t laugh, I have been legally blind in my left eye since birth, due to a birth defect of a short optic nerve and a deformed retina. I was legally four F. I was denied a proper eye examination and threatened with being shot if I continued to complain or try to leave. Then I was sent to a combat zone, My right elbow was nearly cut off. My hearing was damaged. An air force dentist destroyed my teeth, I contracted recurring malaria and I am 100 % disabled now due to the residual effects of recurring malaria, My ligaments and tendons fail to recoil properly and my shoulders fall out of socket if someone shakes my hand to hard. My back (spine) is never all in place at the same time, I have developed 12 damaged vertebrae and degenerative disc disease. The residual effects of recurring malaria is progressive and eventually affects every vital organ. None of These conditions would exist if I had not been drafted. I was denied due process of law. The air force dentist Pulled all but 19 of my teeth and then put one back in so I would have to stay in the combat zone . He did root canals on perfectly good teeth all most all of my teeth have root canals. He physically stated to me that he had six years to complete and he was going to get all of the practice he could on all of us dumb ass grunts. he walked the chow line and wrote orders for dental appointments. I told him I did not want him to work on my teeth and he said if I failed to show up for my appointments he would have the MPs come and get me. After he pulled the last tooth and put it right back in, He fiber glassed it to the jaw bone and when his work failed I had to have a civilian dentist pull it. The fiber glass did not show up on the X-ray and the civilian dentist broke my jaw getting it out. The only way I could get the air force dentist to stop working on me, and he never used enough pain killer, was to take my M-16 with me on my last appointment. I stepped through the door locked and loaded a 20 round magazine, let him see me switch it to full automatic and told him to order me into his chair one more time as I pointed the weapon right between his feet. He said well if you feel that way you can leave so I did. He never bothered me again. He never matched any fillings and said anything that did not match the VA would fix. The VA has continually refused to work on my teeth. I believe amalgam fillings were outlawed because of the mercury content and heavy metal poisoning. The military refused to let me wear my civilian glasses that had a very special prescription. I worked out side and got head aches from too much sunlight. I was issued sun glasses but rarely allowed to wear them. The way my elbow injury was repaired It locked up regularly for many years and still does occasionally. My shoulders have dislocated approximately 46 times. The VA continues to refuse to settle my claims. The VA claims that I never served in Germany and that I filed a false claim. I demanded they prosecute me for fraud Because My DD-214 clearly shows that I was TDY in Germany for almost 8.5 months. The hearing officer claims that nobody goes to Germany for less than three years. That is where my shoulders began to dislocate. I was sent to Germany after an incident at Fort Huachuca. I was sent to Germany while my back ground check was done for my extremely high DOD top secret clearance. As an assistant instructor in electronic warfare devices I dis armed a device that no one in the training unit had ever seen before. We received six supposedly training dummies of a new device. I just set them on the shelf in the warehouse for two weeks I was the assistant to the commanding officer and in charge of the warehouse and storage of all of the top secret equipment. The pentagon called us after two weeks ad told us to take them apart and learn the modifications and changes from earlier models. 14 instructor and assistant instructors were standing around the table and suggesting how to get the lid off. We had to treat them as if they were alive and extremely dangerous. I guided the process and every thing went well. 96 consecutive steps later I came to a three way toggle switch and a red blinking light with a half pound of C-4 plastic explosive connected to it. All six devices were armed and ready to explode setting on the shelf for two weeks. One mistake in those 96 steps and they would have all detonated, All 14 of us would have turned to vapor. A week later a plane load of Brass came out to investigate how I was able to accomplish what I did. They said it was several billion to one to successfully dis arm them and that the manufacturer Had insured their security for 30 million dollars.

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    • I have been disabled since age 52 I am now 67. The doctors report states that the residual effects of recurring malaria are the reason that my back and shoulders will not stay in place. The effects of the malaria cause the ligaments and tendons to loose their elasticity. any time I reach for something or been to far my ligaments stretch and allow the bones to slip out of place rather than pull them back into place or keep them in place as they should. This is the opinion of a bone specialist not a general practioner. The VA claims that when they recovered the documentation from the Tucson VA that the malarial smear lab slip was lost. because that lab slip was lost they say I could not have recurring malaria. The VA told me, the next time you have a malaria attack come in and let us document it. I have been to two different facilities and they refuse to do a malarial smear. The smear Is only positive during an active episode. They never bother to explain why other documentation such as the order for the malaria medications were issued. and they have failed to recover the documentation that stated the original diagnosis or the paper work for the payment of the facility where I was originally treated. All of those documents would state what the diagnosis I was treated for was. It took me 30 years to get an affidavit from an eye witness that was present at the time I was notified by my attending physician that the diagnosis was in fact recurring malaria. My first wife finally returned from England and signed the affidavit. I very rarely get stressed out and the malaria usually only comes on when I am stressed The VA seems to demand that you have a malarial episode every 3 to 5 years. I requested the VA to recover documents from Germany where my first shoulder dislocations occurred. The VAs position was hat I never served in Germany so there were no documents to recover . I asked the Phoenix VA what I should do the next time my shoulders dislocate, they said to dive the 189 miles to phoenix so they could document the dislocations. I learned to put them back in place by my self and I am not about to drive 189 miles with a dislocated shoulder. I did not know where my ex wife was for 30 years. I asked the VA to locate the original attending physician, they made no effort to find him. I found him on my own. he was 89 years old. he remembered the case but could not remember the diagnosis and had no records left. There are three forms of malaria. One form you simply die, form two you recover with disabilities and three you get it time after time through out your life. The VA sent me forms to fill out every three months for three years. More or less demanding that I have an malarial episode and since I did not have an episode during those three years they determined that I never had it to begin with. According to the VA regulations My elbow injury is rated at 15%, each shoulder is 30%, anything over 70% is a 100% disability rating. They refuse to evaluate my hearing loss, the damage to my teeth and eyes sight and the effects of recurring malaria on the rest of my body. The projectile vomiting from the first episode caused me to have a hiatal hernia and persistent gird. Without good teeth and having a stretched esophagus I can not eat steak. I am limited to small bites of anything or I throw it back up. My last attempt to get the VA to settle has resulted in a promise of a teleconference by a traveling board, that was over 8 months ago. The time before that took over 12 years to get a letter of denial. A VA appointed attorney had the case for over 7.5 years and when I received the letter of denial she told me that now that congress had passed a law allowing her to represent me for 20% of my claim, she was sure she could win the claim. I fired her and I am back to representing myself. She didn’t do me any good in 7.5 years.


    • Everyone was following my lead and we had them disabled in about ten minutes. Every screw had to be turned the right direction, every wire had to be disconnected in proper sequence, every knob or switch had to be in the right position, one mistake would cause them to detonate and nothing was marked. No up down right or left. the screw patterns reversed on different levels. We had nothing to go by no paperwork or any kind of instructions.


      • There was never any explanation as to why six live, armed, ready to explode units were delivered. A total of 3 pounds of C-4 plastic explosive was setting on the table. While these were setting on the shelf we had 150 anti tank mines in the warehouse to dis arm with 8 pounds of TNT in each mine. These units had 30 degree mercury tilt switches in them. Accidentally tilt them to far and the entire complex would have turned to dust. A claymore anti personnel mine has about one half pound of C-4 in them. An M-26A hand grenade has about three ounces of C-4 and we had a total of 1,203 pounds of high explosive in the ware house with six life armed units. The government studies have the stress levels of most kinds of jobs rated from highest to lowest stress levels. I have worked in the two highest possible stress level jobs. Explosives is the highest and health care is number two. I handle stress very well and that is why I rarely get malaria episodes.


    • Since I joined this site, it has become a habit to rag on the court corruption nearly everywhere I post . I did it quit frequently before but now I am raging. Anyone that opposes me I shoot them down with documented facts. I do not have a law degree but one judge insisted I take the California bar exam. True I have never spent a day in law school and could use some polish but the points I make are backed up by verifiable law. You may remember the scene in the movie legally blonde where the ex boyfriend makes an acceptable argument and then the blonde blows him out of the water with a more in depth stratigy.Well I approach the issues in the same manner. I read all of the referenced paragraphs in every law until I completely understand each one. It took me three years to prepare the case to gain 100% total custody of my daughter in a California superior court I had every complaint documented in several ways, You could say six ways from Sunday I proved every one of the 18 violations of the original custody orders. I maneuvered the judge into only one ruling. My statement was 29 single spaced typed pages and every violation by law was documented by statute. Because of that judges previous errors in the case, he was looking like an idiot. I had to correct him several times during the hearing. I had asked him to recuse himself in a previous hearing due to personal contact out side of the court and he refused. I was the person that preformed his polysomnography/sleep study and I caught him sleeping during the hearing…I have the training to know when and at what point of sleep a person is in and snoring is a dead give away. Frankly speaking he was too short and too fat to breathe. The last time I saw him he was down from 370 to about 200 still 5’6″ and about 54 years old and wide awake. He should not have been on the bench for over three years. He had tried several tricks and I blocked them all. After three attempts to get my case filed pro se, My licensed process server wrote a letter informing the court her next letter would be to the supreme court to seek disciplinary actions. she helped me assemble the case every time it was sent. the court clerk would claim a document was missing and the case could not be filed. this delayed the case three months. Then the judge wrongfully delayed it another 32 days. claiming the out of state service was not correct. but California law says if a judge directs service and that method of service is complied with It must be accepted. It must be served at least 15 days prior to the hearing and any adult at the proper address can accept it. California law requires your best calculated effort to obtain service. seven of the complaints were because she had moved without notice to the court 45 days prior to the move Before the hearing she had moved 4 times in one sate and five times in another state. service to her court of record address was returned with no forwarding address filed. When I located her, her own parents were looking for her to file against her for child support for the two older children she had abandoned. I called the hospital where she had been working and was told oh she doesn’t work here anymore she moved to Albuquerque. she moved three times in Albuquerque in two months and then two more times before I could get her served . she was also running from creditors. It made an interesting track down. I went to Albuquerque to help some friends work on their custody case. and the guy happened to work at the same place she did. She was eventually fired for sexual harassment of the male staff She divorced her fourth husband and married the fifth. I think she is on husband number nine right now she moved our daughter out of her house because our daughter could not get along with husband number eight. she moved her out five months before she turned 18 and told her to get a job She told our daughter if she didn’t get a job she would put her on a plane and force to live with me. I told our daughter to make her get the ticket and that I would pick her up in Phoenix. I put her through college and she graduates this month on the sixth. her mother moved so many times it messed up her high school education and she had to get a GED on her own at 16. None of this would have happened if not for the corrupt judge in Albuquerque. It would not bother me a bit to see that judge hung upside down over a pit full of rattle snakes. She is a real piece of work. as corrupt and incompetent as they come.


      • I am so sure of my documents and facts I will give you that judges name. Debra Davis Walker she was presiding judge of the second judicial district family court until my friends case got her removed as presiding judge and placed on two years probation and they collected 2.3 million dollars in damages from the state of New Mexico. because of everything illegal she did in their case. She required the husband to pay 500 dollars a month in child support for five years. it was impossible for any child to exist. The husband had a vasectomy and the wife had a hysterectomy before they ever got married. For some reason unknown to me that judge is extremely vindictive and biased toward men. She violated state law by declaring an emergency to impose jurisdiction. then at the second hearing she ordered 4 hours of visitation to begin right after the hearing and tried to set me up for a reason to terminate my visitation. during the two hearings that judge violated at least 22 state, federal and international laws. she stated I do not care what the law requires this is my court and I will do as I see fit then she had those remarks and several others removed from the audio transcript, she had at east ten minutes of my argument removed from the transcript. But one very clear violation of federal law near the end of the transcript they missed removing. I bought a copy of both hearing transcripts. I had copies made and kept the originals at home along with the certified copies of the case files. the first hearing was ex parte because the notice of hearing to my ex was still in the court mail bin. The only jurisdiction that court had when I entered the building was that of an enforcing court. My total change of custody order from the court of proper jurisdiction was only three days old. I do not know if it Is peculiar to California but a contract was in force for the court of original decree to maintain continuous jurisdiction indefinitely . That contract can only be changed by mutual agreement between all parties at a special motioned hearing specifically for the purpose of moving jurisdiction and only then can the complete file be transferred to another court. In New Mexico the court must have the complete original case file to gain jurisdiction to qualify as a court of original jurisdiction. That judge stated I have enough of the file, be quiet. But there was never a motioned hearing to move the file. It was established in testimony that neither party had legal residence in New Mexico. No possible form of jurisdiction existed except that of a court of enforcement for a foreign judgment. Mandated by federal law to enforce a foreign judgment on demand. There is so much more to this. A second judge of family court entered the case then three appeals court judges added insult to injury and the complaint to the commission for judicial standards may as well not exist. They simply could not find anything five judges did wrong. the US martials, US attorney , FBI, State Police, AG, nobody was interested in all of the laws violated by these disgusting example of the judiciary. All of this corruption is funded by title 4-D of the social security act. If you study title 4-D you will understand why social security is running dry. Don’t get me wrong I am not blaming democrats for this robbery of the trillions of dollars out of the social security money but they had control of congress for about 40 years and they have financed all of their social give away programs out of social security money. and title 4-D is how they did it. every year the individual states recover billions of dollars for their general fund out of social security money. read it for yourself. Trillions of dollars legally stolen because of title 4-D passed by a democratic congress so they would not be blamed for raising taxes to pay for all of their welfare programs. CPS doesn’t care one whit about kids they earn their bread and butter out of social security thru title 4-D. Each state collects millions for CPS for every kid they take out of the home. Kids are just dollars signs. I know that CPS has crossed state lines and used local police to illegally back them up to criminally kidnap children for the 4,000 dollars pickup fee. It happened to a friend of mine. Every kid they pick up the first day they bill social security title 4-D. If they pick up three kids at the same address they get 12,000 dollars, five kids 20,000 dollars. all because of title 4-D.. When they took 462 kids the same day in Texas, and it was ruled illegal they got 4,000 dollars for each kid, multiply it out. Plus maintenance for every day they can keep the kid. some of those kids were kept from 6 weeks to 3 months and one was proven to be an adult so that was criminal doubt about it.


      • Thank You, but I am not relating these things for sympathy. I’m just trying to make it clear just how corrupt courts are. I have had issues in nearly every court I have had to deal with. The law enforcement agencies are just as bad. I dated the county sheriff’s daughter in high school and I grew up around good cops but the ones we have now deserve no respect at all. I would not give a plugged nickel for most of them. How is your article coming along?


      • Dear Paul

        I understand that, but do you know how precious it is for you to come forward with you tales of corruption? So many people exeperience horror after horror of corruption in the courts, they can barely and rarely talk about it. I appreciate you and your posts. People have to be warned. That’s what the blog are all about. The authorities do nothing and let victim after victim come into the court rooms, they know nothing and are treated like dirt. They think it’s them. They think they are not following the law because a bunch of miscreat attorneys and judges tell them that. But the blogs tell the truth the people are not crazy, the laws are not written to screw over truth and justice, as you have seen. So the blogs support the innocent victim, those that cannot speak for themselves, the disableds and elderly and YOU, who have been thru it all and cannot believe the corruption. Keep on going Paul, tell your story and you help people.
        I applaud you.


  3. When I became disabled I filed for disability unemployment, I drew benefits for 18 months and I was treated by a chiropractor for 8 months. Finally he said there was nothing more he could do. He had been seeing me for three times a week and every time it was the same treatment for the same problem and I just could not keep anything in place. from my neck to below my waist. He determined by X-ray that I had 12 damaged vertebra and degenerative disc disease. and declared me permanently disabled. At that point I filed for disability with the state and filed for disability Social security. I had to be evaluated by a local doctor then he sent me to a bone specialist When all of that paperwork was accomplished and submitted. It took several weeks to get denied by the state and two years to get disqualified by Social security. I contacted the state disability office (DES) in the county seat and was told that I had to come to their office to do the paper work. I told them I had no money for gas to get there and asked them to come to my home. I asked them why they could not come to my home and they said it was because I was a male and they never send an agent to a male home. I said well if you are afraid then send two agents. They finally agreed to send two agents. After several weeks they denied my claim. One form said I was disabled and the second form said I was not disabled. I figured if one form said I was disabled then I was disabled so I went to the Yuma office to get an attorney to fight for my claim, I can not remember what they call that office. They looked over my paper work for three days and said I did not have a claim. So I filed for an administrative law judge hearing (ALJ). It was a three way telephone conference. The ALJ hearing officer let me state my case then asked the director of the disability claims office why I was not disabled. she stated that I would not have received both forms but that the computer program did not allow for the forms to be separated. I asked her how long her agents were trained on the program used and she said a minimum of six months before they are let to operate on their own. Now this is the department office manager testifying. I asked for a recess until the next day and it was granted. I used to own a computer retail sales and service business, I am not all that computer literate but I used what I knew. As soon as I hung up the phone I went on line to the site listed on the denial forms, listed at the bottom of the forms. It took me directly into the program used to print the forms. I learned to use the program and found out that it did allow the forms to be separated. So the next day on the telephone conference I asked the same questions again, she gave the same answers. Then I asked the ALJ to look at the forms and to notice the web site at the bottom of the form he did. then I asked her if that was the program they used and she said yes it was. Then I told the ALJ hearing officer what I had done about going on line and learning the program and proved to my self that the pages could be separate and if he wanted to go on line that I could talk him through it . The ALJ officer asked her if it was true and she admitted that it was. The ALJ officer said nobody lies in my court, Pay the man. It turns out that they should have ben paying me all along until I was disqualified They did issue me a food stamp card but were supposed to be paying me 660.00 dollars per month until I was disqualified and this process took over 8 months. About the time this was finished my social security claim was denied after just about two years since I filed. Social Security was supposed to process my claim in six months or less, They claimed they lost my file for over ten months. I took all of my denial letters to Jay D. Hayworth’s office in Phoenix and his office people said they would look it over for me. About 45 days later my claim was settled and I received two years back pay. I was one week from having my home repossessed and he got that stopped and the money from the claim allowed me to pay off my home. after the claim was settled the social security office called me and said 5,000.oo dollars was going to be deposited in my bank account I told them I needed more to save my home from foreclosure and she told me nobody needs more than five thousand. I called Jay D. Hayworth’s office and the social security office deposited the entire amount He also stopped the foreclosure process. Two weeks later I had a clear deed. DES and Social security destroyed my credit by their failure to pay me and process my claims according to law. They refused to make any effort to help me clear my credit. For more than 15 years I have refused to use any credit except for my car loan. If I want something I save up the money and pay cash. I do just fine without credit. At that time social security would not allow me to save anything. If my account went over 2,000.00 dollars they simply cut my benefits so there was never over 2,000.00 dollars in my account. Now I hear that you can save up to 1,400.00 dollars without penalty. Now I am on full retirement. My home isn’t much but it is a roof over my head. I share it with my sweet heart, My daughter gave me a full pure bread female German Sheppard. She gets separation anxiety every time I leave the house without her. She has to have her tummy rubbed many times a day and will lay on her back as long as I rub. She treats me like she did her pups. I can not lay down with out her washing my face with her tongue. She is extremely protective. She was born on my daughters birthday and will be 4 years old this month. She is as spoiled as a three year old child. She will do anything for a doggie bacon treat. She is completely house broken and lets me know when she has to go out. She makes it very clear when she wants to go out side and play.


  4. To: jmdenison,
    May I suggest you get out your copy of volume 16 second edition of American Jurisprudence and check this out. Penalties for violating the oath of office. specific to the judicial oath of office at about section 152 or 155. The 9th circuit court in San Francisco just over ruled the US supreme court. concerning the ruling in the Heller case. That appears to me to be a violation of the oath of office as the matter had already been heard and resolved by the US supreme court and the 9th circuit ruled against it. The violation in failure to uphold a settled ruling is a violation of the oath of office and requires resignation or impeachment and removal from office and disbarment. When the oath of office is violated, all power and authority of that office is immediately terminated. If the judicial officer refuses to resign he must be impeached and removed from the bench/office. further he can never hold another job paid for with any form of government funds and or that requires an oath of office. The Heller ruling is now the law of the land. You can not be required to lock up a gun for home self protection. This case may chip the ice berg Dr. Cordero is looking for. and it can not hurt our cause.


  5. I just watched a video on MSN news about a Dentist in Jacksonville Florida named Howard S. Schneider Being charged with child abuse and malpractice. It appears from the information on the video that the states attorney general is involved in the filing of the charges. If this is the same dentist, and he looks like he could be, I would love to testify at his trial. He appears to be the Air Force dentist that forced me in to his chair, In Vietnam in 1968. I have often wanted to find him and take out as many of his teeth as he took of mine. But I would be taking his out with my bare hands. He did many, many unwanted procedure on me. He told me that if I did not show up for my appointments he would have the MPs come and get me and if necessary hold me down while he did the work. He never used enough pain killer. He did anything he wanted to do. He put in mismatched fillings, root canals on most of my good teeth. Pulled teeth that did not need pulling and removed civilian placed caps. He pulled one tooth too many and put it back in, He said I had to have 20 teeth to stay in the combat zone so he fiber glassed the one he put back in to the jaw bone. I have been looking for this ******* for a long time. The only way I made him stop working on me was to take my M-16 with me to my last appointment and threaten to cut him in half. I locked and loaded a 20 round magazine, let him see me switch it to full auto and pointed it between his feet and told him to order me into his chair one more time. He made a quick decision and decided he was finished working on me. He destroyed my teeth and the VA has refused to fix them. Oh, would I love to testify against this guy.


  6. In my first divorce hearing. I was there , I had to find out where she lived to exercise my visitation so the address she stated was very important to me so I carefully wrote down exactly what she said. A couple weeks after the divorce I went to that address it turned out be a vacant lot. I went to the court and contacted the reporter and asked to verify the address. On the witness stand she had transposed the numbers apparently for my benefit, but the report had the correct address. It took some doing to get the apartment managers cooperation to identify her as a resident there. I went to the apartment door and a female room mate answered the door. I asked for my ex wife and she went and got her to come to the door. I. asked for my visitation and she said to come back in two hours because the baby was asleep. Just as I came back there was a taxi leaving. that was the last time I saw my ex for over 30 years When my daughter finally contacted me she showed me a passport that proved she had left the states 12 days before the divorce with her grand mother. One of the provisions was that I would have a one half hour visitation immediately after the hearing. I do not know who it was but it could not have been my daughter. After several weeks I contacted her attorney and asked if he would set up a visitation, he said give him two weeks and he would see what he could arrange, one week later his car blew up with him in it in the bank of Nevada underground parking lot. My guess is he really made someone mad. I supposed it was a professional hit paid for by my ex father in law but he was never tide to it My ex father in law described me to my daughter. He said he had never seen one man with that much muscle. I had promised to pinch his head off if I ever got my hands on him and he moved to England too. .He continually interfered in our marriage and never gave us a chance to settle down He insisted that I say in the army. He enrolled me in the Minnesota school of forestry. I told him to get his money back . I had a good job lined up but it was top secret and I could not tell him anything about it. Well he didn’t believe me so he made some telephone calls a got me a job in Arizona. I turned that down and went back to work for the state of Arizona, under the provisions of the soldiers and sailors act of 1952 . We separated while waiting for the DOD job time to report. My mother in law wrote a letter to my wife and told her the weather was great and she should put the 6 month old baby out in the sun for a couple of hours. The weather was great in England about 70 degrees and over cast. In phoenix it was 120 and bright sunshine. In an area where coyotes and mountain lions roam freely. we argued over that letter for a week, then one day I wake up to hear the baby screaming, Out side by her self strapped in to her pram with grand mothers dog biting her on the hand and the steel rod holding up the top the pram pinning her arm to the side of the pram, Wife, grandmother and aunt were in the kitchen talking so loud they could not hear the baby screaming. We had a row and she took the baby and left. didn’t see her or have contact with her until she filed for divorce in Las Vegas. Her daddy arranged everything.


  7. I have been posting on several sites that are discussing the second amendment. It just thoroughly amazes me how many people so completely do not understand our federal constitution. We the people wrote the constitution to create a government with very special limitations on that government We placed the burden of our national protection on that government and limited how that government could use the power we gave it. If you take the time to read history You will learn a lot about how our three branches of government have corrupted the constitution over the centuries. We have a president that thinks he can create law by executive order When the constitution specifically states all law making powers rest with the two houses of congress. I think the word All is extremely inclusive. Just the same as the phrase Shall Not Infringe. When the constitution was written it created the power of the courts. The first supreme court was filled with those that had been the kings magistrates and as the kings magistrates they could make law, interpret law and even ignore law. they had the authority of the king. But when the constitution was ratified the constitution extremely limited their powers. The constitution turned them into Judges. Judges have no authority to make law because the constitution leaves all law making authority with the two houses of congress, there is that word again ALL. They could no longer Ignore law because their oath of office requires them to uphold and enforce all constitutional laws. and they could no longer interpret law because they are limited to enforcing only what is written in the law without bias or opinion. It does not matter what a judge thinks of law their only duty is to make sure the law as written is complied with and enforced. Well the kings magistrate just could not tolerate loosing so much power so many of their first rulings attempted to regain some of that lost power. It took months for any communication to move cross the county so many of their early rulings were never challenged. congress just didn’t meet that often to correct their errors. American jurisprudence simply does not permit judges to have a bias or an opinion and requires that they enforce every law as it is written. They can not add or take a way or replace or interpret words in the law. They can only consider the words that are actually written in the law. That is a great loss of power. Until congress changes the words in a law the judges are bound by their oath to enforce every word as written and if they don’t like it they have the option to resign. It is a very serious matter to violate their oath of office. The punishment for violating the oath of office is the same a committing a felony. Now everybody should understand that a God given right/any right can not be taxed, regulated or diminished/Infringed upon. Everybody has the very same rights as everybody else. Nothing can force you to exercise a right but nobody can stop you from exercising a right. Any infringement on a right turns it into a privilege. We clearly have a bill of rights guaranteed to be protected by the government we created. Now in the bill of rights we have the tenth amendment. The tenth amendment clearly states that all issues covered in the federal constitution including the bill of rights must be recognized by all of the states in the union and the federal constitution is superior to all state constitutions. any issue not expressly covered in the federal constitution is left up to the states or to the people as un enumerated rights When the federal or state constitutions fail to address the issue by specific wording. If it is not written it does not exist. All power in the constitution is sovereign citizen delegated power. Sovereign citizen is an interesting term. A king is a sovereign, His word is law. The federal constitution made every American a sovereign citizen. that is the most important value in being an American citizens. We are the king of our own castle. All of our guaranteed rights go with us where ever we go in this country and we have the freedom to go anywhere in this country, our rights travel with us. crossing any city, county or state line can not interfere with our guaranteed rights All laws passed by congress or a legislature must be applied equally to every citizen or it is unconstitutional. that is what equal rights means. We can not be discriminated against for any reason and specifically for race, .age, religion, politics or national origin. National origin is another interesting term because our rights are only good in this country so that would have to mean where you live or what state is your state of residence. If you cross the US border anywhere your constitution is left behind and so are your guaranteed rights, so national origin can only apply to this country and to American citizens Remember Sovereign citizens are who those rights belong to. So as I regularly state on gun rights sites. since the second amendment is in the federal constitution and by the tenth amendment says all individual states must recognize the federal constitution above their own to join the union, shall not infringe is also a command to the states to not pass any gun laws because any gun law is an infringement forbidden by the federal constitution and no state gun laws can be valid law. The second amendment can not be changed except by an amendment to the federal constitution. The various gun laws and acts passed by congress are in fact unconstitutional infringements. Not one state gun law is valid law. Acts and laws passed by congress or a legislature are not amendments and have no power over the federal constitution. Article six clause two states the united state constitution is the Supreme Law of this land. Nothing can be held above it, even treaties must comply with the constitution or they are not binding. By our constitution the government is forbidden to increase its own power. Its power can only be increased by a ratified amendment. The fact is the courts are out of control, the president is out of control and the congress is out of control and they have allowed the states to get out of control. The proof is that we have more than an estimated 63 million laws, acts, regulations and infringement on the books nation wide. The abuse of unconstitutional power is why our courts are so corrupt. The entire government at every level is corrupt both state and federal. I would love comments by anyone that disagrees with me and state your facts. One guy continually disagrees with me because he uses what are in fact unconstitutional laws to argue. He can not understand why they are unconstitutional. The reason they are unconstitutional is there is nothing in the constitution to back them up. No delegated authority is no authority. to base the legality on. If it is not written in the constitution you can not twist the constitution to make it exist.


  8. To make it exist to make the authority exist and that is what the courts are doing. They want that power back to interpret and the constitution took that power to interpret away. The courts can not ad words , remove words or ignore words. their job is to enforce what Is specifically written. and when judges violate their oath they should be removed from the bench. When judges enforce exactly what is written that removes the possibility of bias or opinion and prevents interpretation.


  9. People continually tell me I am wrong about my beliefs concerning the law and the power of the constitution. I believe as long as the constitution exists it is the power of the people to correct government wrong doing. Someone pointed out that president Lincoln suspended the constitution in 1861 and the constitution has never been reinstated, They claim the government is now a corporation and that we no longer have a constitution, I say we do. first of all there is no power in the constitution to allow the president to suspend the constitution. without the constitution government has no authority because the constitution created the original authority the government uses. To suspend the constitution is to suspend the governments own authority, making its authority null and void. Now if the government wants to claim it is now a corporation then it falls under corporate law. The constitution then becomes a contract between two parties. It is very clear that the government has violated that contract and the people have not The one that violates the contract has no enforceable authority concerning the contract until the contract is restored. Therefore if the government is in violation, its authority does not exist. We are physically with out a valid government. We as citizens still have the constitution and our authority under that contract. Plain and simple a breech of contract is a breech of contract. Only a constitutional article three court has constitutional jurisdiction over any citizen, the rest of the courts only have jurisdiction by your consent. Failure to challenge that consent is accepting that courts jurisdiction by default. since the government is in default of the contract not even an article three court has no valid jurisdiction because the government claims the constitution is suspended. therefore all authority is suspended. The constitution was ratified by the people to create the government we never ratified a corporate contract. No legal authority of the current government exists. We are physically with out a legal government. Until the constitution is physically reinstated the government does not exist. The gold fringed flag in every court room is proof that we are under an unconstitutional martial law status. Citizens have the power to declare martial law to remove the government because we created the government the government did not create the citizens. When citizens declare martial law it is for the purpose of nullifying the authority of government to replace that government. That is when everything will hit the fan the government will not go quietly into the night.


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