From EB: an update on Barbara Stone and her mother held in an abusive guardianship

Subject: Texas Attorney Schwager produces Lawyer (Debra Rochlin, an American Hero) to Federal Court who claims she was threatened by FL Judge (Michael Genden) to stop representing Helen Stone a woman in a predatory guardianship with a feeding tube shoved down her throat while the lawyers guardians etc rip off her Estate) or Else he the Judge would destroy the lawyers life.

In the opening of the audio recording of the hearing the Magistrate Judge hammers Candice L Schwager for a small mistake in her pleading that was mainly due to a misread on my part and others but he knows she is coming with witness that will show Judge Michael Genden called Helen Stone’s lawyer and threatened her to get off case or else. See below for highlight times. Schwager is the first lawyer I have seen willing to dance toe to toe with a hostile fed judge and…

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1 thought on “From EB: an update on Barbara Stone and her mother held in an abusive guardianship

  1. Please let us know what happened to Barbara Stone? Eliot put in his message on Youtube that Helen Stone passed this year.. Is the Guardianship still active??? What do people do to send flowers or notes? What did the judge rule on that hearing that Eliot put on youtube?. Is anyone investigating this case or is anyone contacting media to do more?? We need to get this out to the public about the Bar Complaint against Debra and what is happening with that?? More light has to be given to Bar Complaints against lawyers who represent Whistleblowers. Is the Palm Beach Post still doing stories on these cases? What is happening to Glenda Martinez Smith? did the court allow her marriage??? It seems one court said she was married and another said she wasnt What is the decision now? What happened to Dr Robert Sarhan did he lose his house or did someone help him? What happened to Fran Grady Gilhooly? In 2015 she wanted to see her son and now in 2017 she wants to know where her son is buried!!!! Did anyone let “Fran Grady Gilhooly” know where her son “Brad” is buried??? only the guardian David Commoradio knows where Brad is Buried and Fran Grady Gilhooly (his mother) wants to know where her son is!!!!! What is happening with Theresa and that guardianship. Thank you for giving a voice to everyone…. whistleblowers are very important.
    you are a very important source for knowledge about public interest issues that concern us all. because no one else but Community Access Channels and Blogs like yours bring topics of interest to all of us… We need you and your blog is very appreciated. We need to know about these guardianships or conflicts of interests or give a voice to those who are out there with a message and We need to keep giving them a Public voice it is a public interest issue to let the public know what is happening out there and we been PUBLIC COMMUNITY ACCESS TO YOUR BLOG.. YOU ARE VERY IMPORTANT AS A PUBLIC MEDIA BLOG. thank you for caring. With love Janet Christensen Obrien, Public Interest Issues Show, Seattle Community Media TV in Seattle. At Seattle Community Media WE ALSO CARE ABOUT GETTING THESES STORIES OUT TO THE PUBLIC BECAUSE IT IS A PUBLIC INTEREST. THANKS


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