Call for Whistleblower Attorneys!

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Feb 2, 2014 8:12 AM
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Subject: Re: FYI Whistleblowers attorneys Kline and Specter

Thank you.
Unfortunately there is no shortage of cases.  These cases are important and are fuel that keeps elder cleansing alive, but, they are all distractions – except to the victims, their families and the miscreants who obtain a few dollars.
The problem is that there are levels of corruptors.   At the bottom we have the bottom feeders.  In the Sykes case we have our miscreant friends.  The next level up consists of friendly judges, regulators, and assorted attorney who would sell their souls for a buck.   These individuals are visible and the ones who get sued and are expendable.   Mr. Stern as an example is a pawn.   Everyone but he is fully aware of it.    (Yes, if he took my offer to exchange a safe harbor for just doing his job and report the information that I furnished him to the Court he would separated himself from participating in the action; however, the pennies that he obtained are too much a lure)
At the next level are the political elite.   The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission got all upset when I disclosed how they profit.   This group provides the cover from the lower levels and is reasonably well paid for their endeavors.  Janet Phelan and JoAnne Denison have been doing a study on the rags to riches scenarios.  
At the top of the heap are the unseen movers and shakers.    This group collects millions and millions.   The visible miscreants owe the nursing homes and health care facilities that affect everyone of us.   They pull the strings and garner the votes for the next election and/or the funding to keep their corrupt cadres in office.   They own the golden goose and are very careful to not kill it or allow it not to be killed.   
The cure for this cancer is surgery.    The Internal Revenue Code requires taxes to be paid on the proceeds of the financial exploitation.   18 USCA 4 requires reporting of the felonies to the USA, and 18 USCA 371 ties in a neat package all the bad guys in one nice neat package.
Thus, when Mary Sykes safety deposit box contents were removed from her possession a taxable event occurred.   This is the reason that it is so difficult for Gloria to get straight answers from the Banks and why ****.   Gloria stuck a needle in the 2nd level of miscreants.  The cover -up might even draw interest toward the movers and shakers.   We shall see!
There is hope on the horizon as the ‘street’ is saying that Mr. HOlder has set his sights on some of the movers and shakers.   $147 million in the Omicare scenario is a pretty good start!   A few of the movers and shakers are scared to death and *****.  
It is pure speculation, but it appears that Obama has come to the realization that the ‘elder cleansing scenario’ is a cancer that attacks with great vigor the core of his Obama care program.  If he can foster any degree of honesty in the health care industry and especially in the programs that benefit the elderly costs are reduced to practical levels.   For instance, if you dope up a senior and reduce him/her to a zombie the cost to the extended care facility is reduced to several thousand a month; however, the bills run between 5000 – 10000 dollars a month.   (Nice profit)
Government does not have enough investigators who are not corrupt to make a dent in the fraud!   The movers and shakers have insulated themselves with dozens of corporation designed for the purpose.   I’ve made public a deposition of one of the movers that details some of this.  
The Sykes case is a vehicle to address some of the entry level miscreants.   The miscreants who participated displayed a degree of arrogance that has left them virtually naked when confronted by a Grand Jury.   the heavy handed attempt to silence JoAnne and myself *****.   The Farenga letter is a smoking gun.   Farenga’s extra judicial operation to separate Gloria from her hazard insurance payout is obscene, but clearly informative.   Stern’s threats and sanction motion *****.
The net is that Mr. Larkin, Mr. Stern, Ms. Farenga, and Mr. Schmiedel delivered a treasure trove to law enforcement  – if they wish to take advantage of it.    
Ken Ditkowsky

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